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Tucson DUI Lawyers Recommendations

RH Recommends James A. Charnesky

James and Dina, I can’t thank you enough for the dedication and time you took working with my DUI case. Winning this case has given me so many opportunities I thought would be no longer possible. Out of all the attorneys I researched and interviewed, your office was the most thorough. You took the time to review every aspect of the case and create an amazing defense. Though this was a very unstable point in my life, you were able to reassure me that either outcome would be ok. Entering the court room, I knew I had the right attorney by my side. Your great efforts have given me so many opportunities that would not have been available to me with the conviction of a DUI. Thanks to your defeat, I recently was hired for a high profile job requiring a clean driving and criminal record. Not to mention, my fear of rejection into medical school because of a DUI are gone. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all your hard work. You have made a great difference in my life. Thank you, RH
– RH

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We understand that a DUI charge is like a dark cloud looming above you. We work together to make sure that you not only get a great resolution to your case, but that you also know that you are well taken care of every step of the way.